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Kramer's new energy and shiny coat

Amolika, Mother of Kramer
Healthy Growth

Kramer is my first pet, and I wanted to feed him the best food. I started feeding him Royal Canin on my vet's advise. But Kramer was not happy and I could see it.
My friend introduced me to HealthyBarks, and after a week of meals, I could see his coat getting shinier. He started getting excited for meal timings and became more and more active. I could see visible improvements in his health.
Our visits to the vet have reduced, and Kramer is more healthy than ever.

Pablo's wagging tails

Naveen, Father of Pablo
Fussy Eater

Pablo was eating royal canin but eventually started skipping. It was difficult to track his daily food requirements,  and there was no alternate option I could try and be confident about.I came across HealthyBarks through a colleague, and I went for it. Everything became clear when Pablo started finishing his meals.The packets are very easy to use; just heat them, thaw and done; it’s that simple. The reward of my dog having his entire meal is far greater than opening a packet and heating it.
I don’t have to worry about my dog's food anymore


Healthy Barks Features!

Typical Food

Superior taste, quality & nutritious food that exceeds expectations.

Commercial Production

Highest safety standards, FSSAI Kitchen & special caution in packing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything else you need to know about Healthy Barks

At the present moment no. All our recipes contain non-vegetarian ingredients.

Yes. However this drastically affects the shelf life of the product. If being used for a long period of time we recommend the product is stored in the freezer.

We do not have breed specific recipes. However, we take inputs from pet parents to come up with a diet plan specific to their pet. For more details please reach out to us.

All our recipes are formulated with the help of our in-house canine nutritionist.

Please refer to the above video for more details.

If stored in the freezer, the product is good for upto a month. If the product is refrigerated, it can stay for 48 hours. If the product is kept outside, it is good for around 6 hours.


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