All About Puppy Nutrition

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All About Puppy Nutrition

What are the nutritional needs of a growing puppy?

Pet parents are always eager to know about the best diet for their pup. It can get overwhelming sometimes to understand what works best for their puppies. So, in this blog, we have put together some important information about puppy nutrition in order to help pet parents keep their pups fit, healthy and happy. 

All About Puppy Nutrition

Puppies grow fast and require twice as much energy as compared to an adult dog. During this rapid phase of growth and development of your puppy, it is extremely crucial to take diligent care of all the nutrients that go into their diet. 

Since a puppy requires proportionally higher levels of energy than an adult dog, the quality of diet matters a lot. Clean, natural and quality ingredients in a pup’s diet without any addition of artificial fillers and preservatives help boost a puppy’s growth and nourishment.

Fact Check: A puppy needs food made just for a puppy.

Let’s look at the things to remember while raising a healthy pup:

Feed a Rich Diet 

Puppies are not to be fed standard adult dog food. Rather, they need a very specific diet for their rapid growth and to develop harmoniously. Your puppy is still fragile and needs to build a competent immune system. A balanced, highly nutritious and digestible diet will ensure optimal use of proteins as a puppy requires a large amount of protein to build their tissues. 

All About Puppy Nutrition

Minimum Nutritional Requirements for Puppies and Adult Dogs according to AAFCO:

Puppies should eat a more calorie-dense diet than would be required by a typical adult dog. The extra calories are very important in the long-term to support growth. As the puppy grows, depending on their size and breed, their dietary needs change as well. It is important to monitor their diet and provide them with personalized nutrition. 

Want to manage your growing puppy’s weight? Book aFree Weight Management Consultation with our expert team of vet nutritionists and get the rightdiet plan tailor-made just for your dog.

When should puppies start eating solid foods?

According to WebMD, puppies should take solid foods at about four to six weeks. However, smaller breeds should depend longer (typically 8 weeks) on their mother’s milk or veterinarian advised quality bottle-fed milk. To help puppies transition to solid foods, veterinarians recommend wetting the puppy food with enough warm water to make a soupy gruel or until the food feels spongy. 


Treats and Table Scraps for Puppies 

We recommend feeding real, nutritious treats to your puppy occasionally. Make sure it has hygienic meat content and premium quality ingredients in general and does not contain any artificial flavors and colors. Young puppies are essentially sensitive to poor quality ingredients and can easily fall prey to dietary deficiencies. 

All About Puppy Nutrition

Try our very new rich in calcium, all-natural single ingredient ‘Pure Bone Mix Frozen Treat’ that will leave your puppy absolutely fresh, healthy and energetic! These treats are summer-friendly and super palatable.

Pro Tip: As recommended by expert vet nutritionists - treats shouldn’t account for more than 10% of your puppy’s daily calorie needs. 


Overfeeding can lead to obesity, resulting in other health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. You can check your puppy’s weight regularly to make sure they are getting the nutrition they need. 

It’s important to choose the right foods in the right amounts for your puppy. Pet parents should put a stop to feedingtable scraps as they can be highly poisonous for any dog, especially a young one. Never feed your puppy from the table!

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When is the right time to switch to adult dog food?

Puppies grow at different rates depending on their breed. Depending on the breed, most puppies will not stop growing for the first year or two. As long as they are not overweight and their growth plates have sealed, pet parents can continue giving them a puppy diet. 

All About Puppy Nutrition

Small breed dogs reach their adult height as early as 10 months of age while medium-size dogs stop growing when they are around 12 months of age. Giant breeds continue to grow until they are 24 months old or so. Keep monitoring your puppy’sbody condition score and consult an expert veterinarian while making the switch to an adult dog diet. It will ensure it’s an ideal time for the switch. 

The Bottom Line

To be considered ‘complete’, a puppy food should include all the essential nutrients in proper proportions to ensure your puppy is getting a highly nutritious balanced diet. Make sure to look closely at the description on the pet food label. We will look into descriptions and labelling in detail in the later blogs. 

Every single nutrient plays a key role in your growing puppy’s ideal development and long-term health. Puppies of all breed sizes need an appropriate amount of calories during their rapid growth period. 

At Healthy Barks, pet parents can update their pup’s profile as and when the puppy grows and their dietary needs change. Diets are specifically formulated for large as well as small breed puppies, keeping in view their different nutritional requirements. The meal plans are curated by in-house vet nutritionists, customised and portioned for your puppy’s growth and nutritional requirements. 

We promise all-natural ingredients with no hard-to-digest by-products and fillers!

To build your pup’s fresh, tailor-made meal box, Get Startedhere. You can keep updating your dog’s profile with their changing needs as they grow and we will take care of the rest. 

Most pet-parents often struggle with managing their pet’s nutritional requirements. We help pet parents with fresh, complete and tailored nutrition for their pets by providing personalized meal plans (made fresh with real ingredients) specially designed to meet their pet’s health needs, and formulated by a veterinary nutritionist so that they stay worry-free & can get on with spending real-time with their doggos. We are currently serving in Bangalore. So, if you reside in Bangalore, book a free, in-person consultation with the Healthy Barks family at or feel free to call or drop us a ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp at +91 - 76767 20200. Come and enjoy a food tasting session with us!

PS: If you have any additional queries, or would want us to cover any specific topic, feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

Happy Wagging & Healthy Barks! 🐾

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