Benefits of Fresh Food for Dogs 

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Benefits of Fresh Food for Dogs 

Is your dog in perfect health?

We talked aboutFresh Food as a healthy alternative to the most commonly used Kibble (dry dog food) and also performed a thorough analysis of what health implications an unhealthy diet has on your dog. We discussed conditions ranging from obesity, and diabetes togastrointestinal issues, joint disease, skin allergies, and cancer. 

As promised, in this blog, we describe the benefits of fresh food on your dog’s health. 

There is no denying the fact that healthy dogs are happy dogs who live longer. 

Not only fresh food adds years to your dog’s life, but it impacts the overall health and mood of your dog providing complete and balanced nutrition that is essential for your dog. 

At home, we often make the mistake of not providing variety in our dog’s diet. Hence, home-cooked meals often lack the nutritional value that makes a complete diet for your dog as we discussed inShortfalls of Home-cooked Dog Food. Also, home-cooked meals create a lot of inconvenience to pet parents, requiring them to invest more effort and time to prepare to ensure their furry baby’s food is balanced and personalized to meet their specific requirements. 

Your dog’s diet requires a blend of meat, vegetables, and fruits, natural nutrients with the presence of only novel or good grains. 

Even if the food lacks just one or two ingredients, the result can be a sick pet. 

Byproducts, fillers, and artificial chemicals/preservatives are poison for your dog.

In this video, Dr. Karen Becker - a wellness veterinarian and an animal advocate, explains theTop 5 Reasons to Feed Human-Grade Pet Food.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a complete, human-grade fresh food diet for your dog: 


Helps to keep your dog’s weight in control

Obesity is one of the prevailing diseases found in dogs and is mainly due to the diet we feed our dogs. Health issues in an overweight dog include Osteoarthritis, Lameness, and Hyperthyroidism. 

Treatment includes feeding a well-formulated diet in restricted quantities with the right amount of nutrients in it, only serving the portion your dog needs.

Here is an article by the Times of India highlighting the dog obesity epidemic. 

There are numerous factors involved in feeding the right food to your dog. It highly depends on their breed and the life stage that they are in.  Some breeds tend to become overweight more easily than other breeds. Also, older dogs become obese easily. 

It’s high time we stop pampering our dogs by overfeeding them. 

Fresh food prevents obesity. 

A natural, fresh, and complete meal in the right quantities for your dog helps them keep fit and in control of their weight. 


Increases your dog’s life expectancy

It’s time to kick things up a notch. Fresh food not only manages your dog’s weight but also subsequently increases its life span and helps them live a better life. 

Dogs live longer when fed the right foods. 

So, why not feed people food for our dogs? Human-grade food with superior ingredients is the key to a healthy dog. As a decision-maker in your pet’s life, your choices will affect your pet’s health as well as appearance, energy levels, and ultimately lifespan. 

No more guessing games. Say goodbye to processed foods!

Get your dog a clinically formulated balanced meal with real ingredients to add years to their life. 


Promotes Healthier Digestion 

A wholesome meal with a blend of vegetables and meat improves your dog’s gut health. The dog must get the right nutrients and fiber through their diet which helps keep their digestive system in check. 

Here is a video depicting theCanine Digestive System

Your dog’s food needs to be easily digested by them to prevent severe health issues. Your dog’s diet needs to contain high-quality digestible proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals, providing appropriate numbers of calories to meet its energy needs. 

According to the Pet Med Article on what makes a balanced diet for your dog, the minimum dietary protein requirement for a growing dog is about 18% dry matter, and it is 8% for an adult dog. Excess protein is excreted from their body and can turn out to be harmful to the dog. 

To prevent health conditions in dogs, it is imperative to include all the nutrients in appropriate quantities at all of the life stages. If your dog’s meals have inappropriate amounts of nutrients and are not digested well by the dog, they will cause their kidneys and liver to work harder to eliminate the indigestible waste. 


The ideal diet should be customized to your dog’s specific needs, also keeping in view their life stage (pup, adult, or senior dog) and health status. Quality and balance are the keys to nutrition, promoting healthier digestion. 


Prevents diseases 

A fresh food diet not only makes your dog happy but also prevents any health conditions from taking place. Given the right nutritional support,  a lot of health conditions in dogs can be easily prevented. 

Nutrient-dense and easy-to-digest fresh whole food for dogs are critically important for your dog’scell maintenance

Fresh whole foods treat obesity in dogs struggling to maintain their weight. The essential nutrients in a fresh diet improve coat health. As fresh foods have no added chemicals or flavors, they are rich in immune-boosting antioxidants that in turn wards off several ailments. 

Here, read this wonderful piece by Rick’s Dog Deli -Treat Canine Health Issues With Custom Dog Food 

However, commercial dog foods are often full of toxic preservatives -The Shocking Truth About Commercial Dog Food.


Keeps your dog’s coat shiny and healthy

Yes, a fresh and complete diet full of rich nutrients makes a lustrous doggo. 

The freshly prepared food with human-quality meat, veggies, herbs, and nutrients improves your dog’s coat, making it look glossy. A shinier coat indicates that your dog is in good health.  

Diet has a very crucial part to play here apart from grooming and outside skin care, influencing the shine and texture of your dog’s coat. 

For most dogs, the skin is covered with hair that is either being shed regularly or growing constantly depending on the breed (shedding or non-shedding). Hence, to maintain them in a healthy state, your dog requires a balanced diet. 

Many dogs suffer from itching, rashes, dry coats, and other skin-related issues which are often caused by feeding them an unhealthy poor nutrition diet. A large number of preservatives and fillers in kibble deteriorate the skin and coat quality. 

So, Say ‘hi’ to Fresh Food with no added preservatives! No more unbalanced meals. 


The Takeaway

A huge part of parenting a healthy dog is feeding them a fresh whole-some diet that covers all their nutritional needs.  When choosing food for their canine companions, pet parents should consider the content first, knowing that nutrition takes first place. Nutrition matters! Goodbye, mysterious dog food. 

At healthy barks, we provide fresh whole food that is tailor-made for our furry friends. Check out Healthy Bark’s wholesomeChicken and Fish meal for your doggo.

Most pet parents often struggle with managing their pet’s nutritional requirements. We help pet parents with fresh, complete, and tailored nutrition for their pets by providing personalized meal plans (made fresh with real ingredients) specially designed to meet their pet’s health needs, and formulated by a veterinary nutritionist so that they stay worry-free & can get on with spending real-time with their doggos. We are currently serving in Bangalore. So, if you reside in Bangalore, book a free, in-person consultation with the Healthy Barks family at or feel free to call or drop us a ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp at +91 - 76767 20200. Come and enjoy a food-tasting session with us!

PS: If you have any additional queries, or would want us to cover any specific topic, feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

Happy Wagging & Healthy Barks!

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