Holi Tips for Dog Parents

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Holi Tips for Dog Parents


Make it a Safe Holi for your Puppy

The festival of colors is right around the corner. Everyone is excited and thrilled. In India, Holi is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and is played in many parts of the country. But this year around, it is not going to be a normal, carefree Holi. 

Since COVID-19 has changed our lives and we continue to live a New Normal, it is very important that we take care of our safety as well as our puppy’s. We need to be even more cautious than ever before. 

Holi Tips for Dog Parents

The past year has been challenging and it has shown us that our health and safety are our utmost priorities. Everything else is secondary. 

How as dog parents, can you ensure the safety of your puppy during Holi?

In this blogpost, we discuss the do’s and don’ts when it comes to the four-legged ones and how to keep our furry friends safe during the colourful festival.


Holi Colours Itches and Dogs might lick them

Holi colours are extremely harmful to dogs. It is a common myth that dry colours do not cause any harm. In fact, the colours contain toxic chemicals which leads to skin irritation, allergic reactions, rashes, and even blindness in dogs. The four-legged ones are not immune to the chemical-induced Holi colours. 

Holi Colours can cause intestinal erosion and diarrhoea as the dogs end up licking these colours off their fur. It can also lead to severe hair loss. However, inhaling colours leads to nasal irritation and respiratory allergies. Puppies and older dogs are particularly prone.

Holi Tips for Dog Parents

Throwing powder or water balloons also frightens the animals. It is our responsibility as pet parents to stand by our pets, be mindful and keep them safe. 

It is important to educate people around us on the harm Holi colours can cause. Many people throw gulaals thoughtlessly on the strays, stray dogs being the most exposed to animal abuse. This needs to stop. We need to be responsible for animal rights and treat them well. This holi let’s keep the colours away from our furry friends. 

Spare the Animals 


Do not feed sweets to Dogs

Sweets are a huge part of all the festivities in India. ‘Muh Meetha Karna’ is a form of love language in Indian households and every celebration is incomplete without sweets. 

Since dogs do not have the metabolism to digest sugar, sugar is a complete no-no for dogs. A dog’s body cannot break down complex substances like processed sugar and fat, leading to an upset stomach.

Holi Tips for Dog ParentsArtificial sweeteners, chocolates, raisins, and nuts found in most Indian sweets are extremely toxic for dogs. Sweets can make them sick or even be fatal. It is crucial to refrain from feeding them the festival delicacies.

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Keep dogs indoors

While you gear up for the Holi festival, do not let the dog be exposed to harmful colours even accidentally. Instead, play safely with them indoors. It is better to keep the dogs safe and secure indoors. Instead of the colourful water balloons, you can let your dog enjoy the inflatable pool with their toys. It would definitely make them happy and rejoiced. 

Holi Tips for Dog Parents

Also, make children understand the implications and ill effects of colours on your pupper. Kids should be made to understand that throwing water balloons or colours on the strays is not good and can lead to an array of health issues in dogs. Creating awareness regarding the dangers of colours can make a difference in animals’ lives. If you have guests coming in,  make sure you keep the dog leashed. 


Use a mild dog-friendly shampoo 

Never use alcohol, hair oil, or kerosene on your dog’s body, even when they are inadvertently exposed to the toxic holi colours. These are strong irritants and using these substances can damage your dog’s coat and can result in excessive hair fall. Do not use human shampoos as they are not suitable for canines. 

If your dog has been smeared by colours, you should not wait for long to give them a bath. Use a gentle dog shampoo to remove the colours from your dog’s hair and fur. You can use clean tap water in case the dog is hit by a water balloon in the eyes. 


Loud Noises might make dogs aggressive 

Holi is a festival of cheer where hoomans tend to have fun and go all crazy at the celebrations. We can see people dancing on the beats of Dhol, screaming and shouting with excitement, and making loud noises. However, loud noises can frighten our furry companions. It can further lead to noise anxiety and stress in dogs. Behaviours include panting, shaking, hyperalertness, whining, hiding, destructive behaviours, urinating, and attempting to escape. Noise aversions are quite common in dogs with estimates of1/3 of the canine population affected. Help your dog find a safe and happy place away from the deafening sounds. 

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The Bottom Line

Holi is just not a festival for dogs and can be life-threatening. Apart from the adverse physical effects, it can also have psychological effects. Dogs become anxious and paranoid as they are unable to figure out what’s happening around them. We must ensure that during the festival celebrations we keep our dogs safe and secure. Keeping the health of your furry friend in mind, make sure your dog is away from any insensitive play. Avoid feeding festival delights. In case of any serious complications like excessive salivation, vomiting, loose stomach, or any behavioural changes, contact the vet immediately. 

Pledge to put colours on humans alone. 

Celebrate the right way!

Have a happy and safe animal-friendly Holi! 


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Happy Wagging & Healthy Barks! :D

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