Summer Diet Tips for Dogs

by Healthy Barks April 19, 2022 3 min read

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Summer Diet Tips for Dogs

Have you ever wondered why your dogs pant with their tongues out all summer? Why do they not eat food in summer? How to keep the dog cool during the hot months? Do you get knocked by questions like these?

panting dog during summers

If yes, then you are not alone in this journey. These questions trouble dog parents every summer.

Let's get down to some of the quick tips that will make sure your dog is as comfortable as you in summers:


With summers hitting India, we are seeing quite a few dogs losing interest in food, which eventually affects their appetite. It becomes extremely important to know what’s going on in their plate and if they are eating.

healthy food for dogs

Be it 2 meals a day or 4 meals a day, food has to be properly taken care of. Improper intake can lead to lethargy, inactivity and reduced immunity. Make sure that you are feeding your dog a diet rich in moisture.

Feeding them cool broth throughout the day is a good idea. In addition to that, a fresh meat-based diet is always recommended.

If your dog is a foodie, mix water with the food. If your dog isn’t eating a lot these days, add a small amount of bone broth to their meals and watch them finish their food.

Moreover, adding mint leaves to your dog’s food will comfort them during summers.

Mint leaves (recommended feeding size - per day)

Small dogs

¼ tsp

Medium dogs

½ tsp

Large dogs

1 tsp

Losing appetite

Another pain point for dog parents in summer is their dogs skipping meals. 

If your dog is not eating their food, try switching the time.

You can try feeding them at 8 am and then at 8 pm, to maintain the food cycle of your furry friend. Moreover, you can feed when the temperature outside is lower.

keep dogs cool during summers

Food that help cool your dog

Speaking about the food, there are a few points to consider which you shouldn't miss for your pooch: 

  • Seasonal fruits like watermelon, mango, and orange are really good for them.
  • Any kind of seeds in fruits can cause intestinal blockage and hence can be harmful for pets.
  • Vegetables like bottle gourd and lettuce are also good options to give your dog this summer.
  • Basically, any food which is rich in water content because dogs fulfil majority of their water needs from their food only.
  • Feeding your dogs frozen treats, like the ones made from yoghurt is good to cool their body down.

Food to avoid during summer

In summer, pet parents should avoid food that is warm and difficult to digest for their dogs. For example,

  • Eggs, especially egg yolks should be reduced during summers.
  • Ice cream -  Human ice cream contains dairy products and sugar which are not good for dogs and therefore it should be avoided. 
Dogs don't eat ice-creams

Just like humans, our fur babies also need to keep themselves hydrated. Always keep drinkable water in the bowl. (colder than the room temperature)

Summer is tough on everybody. So let’s take baby steps towards making our fur babies’ journey better and comfortable.

While taking care of your pooch, you can also help stray animals and birds in summers by just having some water on your balcony or on your terrace for them!

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April 21, 2022

Well composed blog! I am already following a few pointers and they are of great help. thank you team

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