Summer tips and Treats - Answers from Our Expert

by Healthy Barks May 26, 2022 5 min read

Summer tips and Treats - Answers from Our Expert

Summer heat and shine is a serious issue for your pets, and to help you with summer errands we're here with answers from our expert.

Let's dig right in it.

Summer tips for dogs - Dogs walking on beach

How can you manage your dog, your furry friend, in this extreme sunny weather?

Summer is very challenging not just for us but also for our dog. Currently, the north is experiencing heat waves, and the weather in Bengaluru is also not very cool, not for anybody.

Summer Diet tips for dogs - dogs sitting in leaves

Here are some tips to keep your pups healthy and active for this extreme weather.


Let’s start with the most basic one - walk timing; it can significantly impact the health of the pups in the summer season. Adapt to a better walk routine, especially during hot summers. Try to walk your dogs in the early morning when the temperatures are a bit low and later in the evening.

Summer Diet tips for dogs - dog walking

Do not walk your dog in the afternoon, especially the brachycephalic dog (Rottweilers, pugs, bulldogs). This breed should not be walked in the afternoon under any circumstances. 

Dogs of this breed suffer a lot of breathing issues because of the structure of their mouths. It can be further amplified in summers by walking.


Always walk with a water bottle for your dog – keep them hydrated in smaller amounts, not the whole bottle at once.

The dogs also suffer from heatstroke; try to keep them in colder areas and protect them from rising afternoon temperatures. The symptoms of heat strokes include a lot of panting, difficulty standing up, not being active, and the tongue lolling out.

 Summer Diet tips for dogs - water intake of your dog

To help the dog with the heatstroke, you can put a towel on the neck. It will help the dog. There is a big misconception In India that dogs need to be shaved in summer for them to cool down; this is a huge myth. 

The coat helps the dog be insulated, and when you shave the dog's coat off, it exposes the skin to a lot of elements and sun rays which can have a terrible effect on the dog's skin.

So do not shave dogs in summers and do not trim your dogs during summers.

Moreover, do not bathe your dog too much in the summers. Pet parents tend to think since it is summer, it will be helpful to bathe the dog a lot, but it can still cause a lot of coat issues, and frequent bathing can exempt the coat of essential oils. Bathing a dog once a month is enough even if its summers

They are different from us and cannot eat what we eat; they cannot have sugar the way we do. They are different, so we should experiment with them with routines and follow a summer routine that is good for them.

Summer tips for dogs –

Food part– again, a misconception that particular protein can be heating and particular for cooling, but there has been no research to justify this.

Keep your dogs hydrated and provide them with fresh drinking water throughout the day – that should be the first and strict rule. Try to add a lot of broth to the meals, but do make it a lot soupy; it can cause gastric issues.

Summer Diet tips for dogs - dogs food for summers

Just try to add a little bit more moisture to your dog’s meals. Again, keeping them on fresh mealsis always advised no matter the age, no matter the breed.

Secondly, some foods should be avoided in summer that can be egg yolks; garlic people tend to feed garlic throughout the summer to prevent fleas and ticks. Garlic can be bad in the summers for your dogs.

And also, stop giving them golden paste in the summers. It is made of turmeric, which can be heated in summer.

Processing of food – It is always recommended to cook your dog’s food in steel utensils and avoid aluminum and copper utensils for cooking.

Always feed your dog seasonal fruits and veggies, and try feeding your dog fruits like mangoes, watermelon, oranges, and veggies like pumpkin, bottle gourd, and cucumber in the summers

What about the regular food that we feed them in the summers? Should we provide them in the exact amounts or change as per summer?

Dogs tend to lose their diet in summer, and it would be advisable to cut down some portions of their meals since they are not as active in summer and may not feel like eating a lot; hence, they eat less.

It is normal to lose the appetite in summers, but it’s not a cause for concern as long as the dog is eating. 

Summer Diet tips for dogs - dogs

Skipping two or meals can be a reason to take your dog to the vet. This is a preliminary symptom of tick-induced diseases since ticks and fleas are common in summers. I would suggest using a spot-on in summer under your vet's directions.

What about the treats we give throughout the year and the food we offer them apart from the whole meal diets? Should we cut it?

I would suggest you cut down on the dehydrated treats during the summers if your dog is not very fond of drinking water and instead opt for frozen treats.

One good recipe will be for frozen treats in summer will be mixing yogurt and fruits together and freezing them in little molds, and feeding one or two treats throughout the day

How often should we feed our dogs?

It depends on the dog's age and, secondly the breed of your dog.

Generally, the puppies eat more frequently than the adult dogs, and it would be recommended to feed the puppies four to five times a day and adult dogs three to two times a day.

Pet parents feed a lot of water right after the walk; it is always advised to give them water one hour before and after a very strenuous walk, especially if the dog is taken in the afternoon or early evenings, like 4 pm

Pet parents should not offer their dogs frozen dog treats, especially if they have come from playing in the sun, it can cause an imbalance in body temperature. It is always recommended to let your rest before you offer your dog water or frozen treats.

Pet parents should follow the summer ensure to have a summer routine to make their buddies feel relaxed in the summers. 

We also have a supportive community to help pet-parents grow and nourish their children's better.

The above topic was discussed with Shravani, in house nutritionist at HealthyBarks in one of the Instagram Live sessions at Healthy Barks. Feel free to drop the questions in their DM’s about your furry friend or Sign up for more such sessions. 

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