Things To Know About Gassy Dogs

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Things To Know About Gassy Dogs

Dog Farts And Chronic Flatulence

Do dogs really fart? Well just like humans, dogs generate gas too and excessive flatulence ( excessive formation of gas in the stomach or intestine) in dogs can be a sign that something is wrong with the dog’s digestive system or diet.

Things To Know About Gassy Dogs

Pet Flatulence is a quite common health problem in dogs and is nothing to be embarrassed of. It is more common in overweight or sedentary dogs but may affect any breed regardless of the age. 

Farting can create abdominal discomfort and bloating apart from making the air unbreathable for dogs. However, it may seem normal and pet parents might be guessing that “little gas all over the place is usual in dogs!” 

We are here to highlight the gravity of this condition. The thing is - gas may be a symptom of a serious condition that needs medication. Also, your doggy’s gas accompanies other signs like foul stinks, diarrhoea etc.

Have you noticed: Stomach rumbling (in your dog’s tummy) and nasty odours?

Understand that something’s bad with your dog’s well-being. 

Things To Know About Gassy Dogs

In this blog we will share common causes of gas in dogs, preventative measures and everything you need to know to help a gassy dog.

5 Most Common Reasons 

It’s important to identify the cause before treating this smelly condition in dogs. Let’s look at some of the common reasons behind this gassy phenomenon from your dog’s diet to health issues:


Diet is the most common cause of flatulence. It means the digestive system is having a hard time trying to process something. Their digestive system is not working as well as it should be that in turn causes excessive and smelly gas. Improper digestion is caused by the food that the dog is consuming. If your dog is eating food they can’t digest, they can experience chronic flatulence. 

Feeding your dog a diet containing low-quality ingredients, fillers, artificial colors and preservatives can be a major cause of gas. Hard-to-digest foods liketable scraps can give your dog an upset stomach.  Being overweight, lack of physical activity, intentional diseases are some of the other additional causes of dog farts. 

It’s important for pet parents to take extensive care of their dog’s diet and lifestyle. We highly recommend afresh food diet high in quality and full of good nutrition that helps improve the dog’s overall digestive system as well as prevent bad gas.

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Dumpster Diving

Most dogs show diet-linked gas conditions if they have digested unhealthy treats full of artificial colors and flavors, table scraps, or their human’s junk foods. Pet treats in the market are found to have substances like charcoal, zinc acetate and yucca schidigera that makes your dog fart more. Avoid dog treats or tid-bits containing unhygienic meat and cereal by-products. Instead switch to natural, preservative free, and guilt free treats for your dog. 

Try our very new rich in calcium, all-natural single ingredient ‘Pure Bone Mix Frozen Treat’ that will leave your dog absolutely fresh, healthy and energetic this summer! 

Pro Tip: If you are raising a dumpster-diving puppy, latches on pantry cabinets and freezers might help. Also, steer your dog away from street trash.



The action of swallowing excess air is a major cause of gassy conditions in dogs. However, flatulence is observed usually in brachycephalic canines (they respire using the mouth instead of the nose). Since brachycephalic breeds swallow lots of air during breathing and eating, the flow of gases can be observed. For these breeds, pet parents can try serving the dog’s diet into minor portions, provided at various timings in a day. 



Another cause that can lead to a gas condition. Vets state that while diagnosing a gassy dog, they initially check for constipation. Surprisingly many dogs with constipation show physical pains, and many of them can’t squat completely. This symptom makes them build up stools and so form big gas bubbles that flow with the stool. With time, stool gathered in the rectum and colon will increase bacteria, usually present to act over stool, affecting excessive gas production and putrefaction.


Change in Your Dog’s Food

Dog’s eating something new can be a reason behind his flatulence. If a pet parent alters their dog’s food, it should be carried slowly. Gradually increase the amount of new food in your dog’s current food - especially if the dog is used to eatingkibble! We suggest a 7 day transition period to allow your dog’s stomach to adjust to the new diet. If your dog’s poop becomes not-so-solid or they have any stomach issues, don’t worry! Stay at that transition stage for two additional days.

At healthy barks, meals are clinically formulated by vet nutritionists in order to provide the required nutrition for your pupper. All-natural, ethically sourced, ingredients with high nutrient content are used to prepare personalised, safe and healthy meals. 

To build your pup’s fresh, tailor-made meal box, Get Startedhere. You can keep updating your dog’s profile with their changing needs as they grow and we will take care of the rest. 

Things To Know About Gassy Dogs

My Doggo Ate Too Much... Air? How To Identify? 

Dogs that swallow air while eating or those that eat rapidly are more likely to experience flatulence. Especially the short-nosed breeds like Pugs, Shih Tzus, Boston Terriers, and Lhasa Apsos tend to swallow a lot of air when they eat or drink, causing excessive farting. 

Learning various causes of gas makes diagnosing easier. Remember that, any indication of gas along with pain denotes something is abnormal in a dog. Being painful - know that it's an emergency. Dog’s pain signs range from hiding and lethargy to wailing or whimpering. It’s also vital to observe your dog’s stool. Usual stool in dogs seems firm but not stiff, they are categorised in appearance with slight or no remains left over when cleaned up.

Long Term Remedy

A healthy and balanced diet is the best way to reduce dog farts. Yes! Fresh food helps in rebuilding your dog’s intestinal system’s functioning optimally. Serving a high-quality diet is the best method to combat ‘Dog Flatulence’. Avoid fart-inducing, highly indigestible foods.

Other methods by which you can reduce your dog’s gas production:

  • Discourage fast eating by means of slow-feeding dishes or food puzzles. Avoid speed eaters from having large gulps.
  • Eliminate treats comprising unhygienic meat or hard-to-digest ingredients.
  • Cheer them for regular exercise so that intestinal gases start moving and stop them from strengthening/pooling.
  • Preferably, take your dog for a walk after eating to reassure passing gases outside.
  • Put secure covers on garbage cans.


The Bottom Line

While dog farts are smelly but a part of their day-to-day functioning, excessive gas indicates serious medical conditions. Introducing a premium fresh food diet to your dog can help reduce farting and make them overall happy and healthy. In case your dog is being fed a premium fresh food diet and is still experiencing flatulence, they should be tested for a maldigestion problem. They might not be able to absorb nutrients from the diet and suffer from poor digestion. Immediately consult an expert vet in such cases. 

We highly recommend human-grade, fresh and healthy foods for dogs. It helps in the holistic care and development of your dog. We, at Healthy Barks, as a Pet Healthcare and Fresh Food brand, believe that it is our duty to help. We design personalised meals for dogs. The meals are curated by expert in-house nutritionists keeping in view the dietary needs of your dog. 

Check out Healthy Bark’s wholesome and freshChicken and Fish meal for your doggo.

Most pet-parents often struggle with managing their pet’s nutritional requirements. We help pet parents with fresh, complete and tailored nutrition for their pets by providing personalized meal plans (made fresh with real ingredients) specially designed to meet their pet’s health needs, and formulated by a veterinary nutritionist so that they stay worry-free & can get on with spending real-time with their doggos. We are currently serving in Bangalore. So, if you reside in Bangalore, book a free, in-person consultation with the Healthy Barks family at or feel free to call or drop us a ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp at +91 - 76767 20200. Come and enjoy a food tasting session with us!

PS: If you have any additional queries, or would want us to cover any specific topic, feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

Happy Wagging & Healthy Barks! 🐾

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