What is the Right Way to feed Calcium to your Dog?

by Healthy Barks Social September 05, 2022 4 min read

What is the Right Way to feed Calcium to your Dog?

Why is Calcium so important for Dogs?

Just like humans, dogs need calcium for the development and health of their bones. Sufficient amount of calcium in a dog’s diet will ensure the dog has healthy bones, nails, teeth, a solid shiny coat, a proper functioning nervous system and a good overall health. On the other hand, shortage of calcium will make them easily vulnerable to bone diseases, heart issues, and osteoporosis. Hence, it is extremely imperative to balance calcium in your dog’s diet routine. 

Fact Check: Calcium’s role goes beyond bone mineralization. Calcium is essential for neuromuscular, cardiovascular, immune, and endocrine functions. It is important for blood clotting. Every cell in the body depends on calcium to support enzyme functions, bodily signalling, and cell membrane stability. 

The Numerous Functions of Calcium

Calcium is an extremely important component of a healthy canine diet. Calcium is as essential for dogs as it is for us humans. It is required for various functions throughout the canine body. 

What is the Right Way to feed Calcium to your Dog?

  • Building block for skeletal composition
  • Healthy muscle movement 
  • Stimulates wound healing 
  • Keeps the heart in rhythm 
  • Aids in digestion 
  • Promotes the release of hormones


It’s All About Balancing

Dogs require a balance in the amount of calcium they are fed in their daily diet. This is even more important in young, growing puppies. They need an adequate supply of calcium from their daily meals. Feeding pure, natural muscle meats is a great source of calcium.But please note that an all-meat raw diet is never enough for your dog. Moreover, it can be unsuitable for young pups. 

On the other hand, overdosing on calcium supplements can be harmful for your dog - leading to stomach upset, dehydration, shaking, blood in urine or stool, rapid breathing, frequent urination and collapse. Even in homemade dog recipes, pet parents fail to remember to include calcium - leading to nutrient deficiencies. Not enough calcium in their diet is very dangerous for long term health of the dog. 

Age, breed, gender, and lifestyle also play a crucial role in a dog’s daily requirement of calcium. A healthy adult dog requires approximately 50 mg calcium per kg of body weight. A pregnant or nursing dog needs more calcium in order to maintain their strength and to promote healthy bone growth in growing pups. 

Too much or too little calcium can be a cause for concern.  So, offer your pooch a well balanced diet, customised according to their unique nutritional needs. “Complete and balanced” diets have the right amount of calcium that your dog needs. 


Symptoms of A Calcium Deficient Dog

It is vital to incorporate calcium into your dog’s food. When the body doesn’t have enough calcium in the bloodstream to function normally, the dog can develop a condition called ‘Hypocalcemia’.


Signs of calcium deficiency in dogs include:

  • Tremors
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Seizures
  • Unusual behavior
  • Severe Trauma
  • Dizziness 
  • Lack of appetite and lethargy

5 Sources of Calcium For Your Dog

The Bottom Line

If you suspect your dog is lacking calcium, immediately get your dog examined by a veterinarian. An expert vet will assist in correcting the underlying cause of your dog’s low calcium level. He might recommend some calcium supplementation. Regular rechecks and monitoring of calcium levels will ensure that your dog is taking adequate calcium.

Healthy Dogs eating a complete and balanced diet do not need calcium supplements. Getting the right amount of nutrients will promote your dog’s overall health. Your dog will have a healthier coat, stronger teeth and gums as well as healthier bones as a result of integrating the right amount of calcium to their diet. Yoghurt, cheese, chicken and fish, vegetables like broccoli, spinach are excellent sources of calcium. 

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