What kind of treats to never feed your dog? 

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What kind of treats to never feed your dog? 


All About Bad Dog Treats

Whether it’s training, rewarding good behavior, bonding with your dog, or if you got a fussy eater, treats play an important role in a dog as well as a pet parent’s life. Especially during the past year, spending more time with your dog at home, you might want to spoil them a little bit. Not only that, healthy dog treats can be a great source of essential nutrient add-ons needed by your dog. 

But not all treats that are sold at market stores are healthy and safe. Ever growing stocks of treats take up entire aisles in supermarkets. With so much choice, it’s hard for pet parents to make a distinction between good and bad treats. 

Some dog treats are downright dangerous. Pet parents need to straight up avoid these. Pet parents need to pay attention to these unhealthy and nutrition-lacking treats that do more harm than good. It’s critical to create a balance between treating your dog and providing nutritional value.

These bad and unhealthy treats are highly rich in calories, added preservatives and harmful chemicals that can cause a lot of long term health concerns in dogs. High calorific content, low nutritional value and bad source of ingredients contribute to bad dog treats. 

What kind of treats to never feed your dog? 

Let’s look at what kind of treats a pet parent should strictly avoid and what makes these treats bad. 


Rawhide Chews

These happens to be the most dangerous of all. Dogs choking and dying in the process after consuming Rawhide is the most devastating thing. These go-to treats come in various shapes and sizes and are sold in various pet stores and convenience stores all over the country. Rawhide is basically procured from by-products of leather or other meat related industries. Due to unethical sourcing practices, these treats are contaminated with traces of dangerous toxins like lead, mercury, and arsenic. You should stop feeding these to your dog immediately. 

Rawhides are not easily digestible, large chunks broken off and swallowed pose high obstruction risks in dogs.


Dangerous Animal Bones

What kind of treats to never feed your dog? 

One of the most common dog treats after rawhide are animal bones marketed as chew toys and dogs love to chew on bones. They can be flavored bones (added flavors), roasted bones, or filled bones (stuffed with a filling) and are long-lasting and cheap. These big delicious bones are, however, not the safest option to treat your dog. 

Dogs love bones as they are mentally stimulating but real animal bones/ raw bones can be contaminated with harmful bacteria. Cooked bones on the other hand become brittle and can hurt your dog’s mouth and also cause blockage resulting in intestinal damage. Potential complications associated with eating these bones are: oral injuries, fractured teeth, choking, and gastrointestinal complications. Look for safer dog treat varieties to satisfy your dog’s need to chew. Choose a product that meets high-quality dog food standards. 

Other Animal Parts

Some dog treat manufacturers use animal parts which are inedible for dogs in the first place and turn them into profitable products.Any part of an animal could have been used to make the dog treats such as heads, ears, hooves, horns, and even feathers. They are usually animal by-products (what’s left of a slaughtered animal after the parts intended for human consumption have been removed) of meat production industries. 

What kind of treats to never feed your dog? 

These organ meats are extremely bad  as the dog can have adverse reactions and develop complicated food allergies. These can cause serious choking hazards.These have nearly no nutritional value associated and are mostly gimmicks for selling low value by-products as exotic treats. Be sure to check and see if the packaging states which animal the ingredient is derived from. It is certainly wise to steer away from all non-specific and unlabelled ingredients.

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Dog Treats from China 

Those usual chewy treats, made in china, have been linked to dogs dying and others succumbing to illnesses. Dogs consuming such treats are found suffering from symptoms like decreased appetite, decreased activity, vomiting, diarrhoea, liver disease, gastrointestinal issues, skin conditions and serious neurological problems. The treats you give to your dog should be safe rather than making them severely sick. Treating your dog with harmless, human standard products and avoiding treats that are made in China is the best way to prevent them from becoming ill or even dying. 


Table Scraps and Toxic Human Food

What kind of treats to never feed your dog? 

It gets hard to resist giving a bite or two from table food to your pooch, especially when they get too excited about it and are looking at you with those puppy eyes. Well, feeding your dog from your plate is a bad idea since a dog’s digestive system is different from a human’s. Dogs can’t digest typical human food properly which can lead to vomiting, diarrhoea and severe digestive issues. 

Human food often contains ingredients that are toxic for a dog. It can lead to weight gain and obesity issues since they are getting additional calories apart from their normal diet. Pet parents should put a stop to feedingtable scraps. Feeding the right treats in the right amounts will keep your dog happy and healthy. As an informed pet parent, it’s important to learn which foods are toxic to dogs.   


Sugary Sweet Treats

What kind of treats to never feed your dog? 

Sugar is the worst thing you can give your dog. Sugar should never be a part of your dog’s diet. We repeat, NEVER! In order to enhance the appeal of the treats, dog treat makers often end up adding sugar. It is often done to compensate for the low quality ingredients that have been used in making the treat. Artificial sweeteners are the sugar alternatives since they are cheaper. Such sugary treats often include stabilizers, colors, and flavoring agents.

These are empty calories that lead to obesity as they cause the body to become hungrier. They make food taste sweeter and hence the dogs are more attracted to it, and end up eating more and start avoiding the healthier options. 

Commonly used sweetener in dog foods is ‘Sorbitol’, and if a product contains sorbitol to make it palatable, it is definitely not a good quality product. 

According to FDA (Federation of Drug Administration), artificial sweeteners can kill dogs. 


Artificially Colored Dog Treats

These pretty looking treats can actually be life-threatening. Dyed bright with vivid colors using artificial additives, these treats have potential side effects like hyperactivity and mood swings. The synthetic chemicals do absolutely nothing when it comes to providing nutritional benefits to dogs but rather trigger behavior problems. ‘Bad behavior’ in dogs can be linked to food and treats containing artificial preservatives, harmful chemicals and fillers. Artificial colored dog treats have a rainbow of risks,  they are often linked to developing cancer in dogs. 

The Bottom Line

Try healthier treat options for your dog. There are plenty of nutritious choices that your dog will love. Look meticulously at the labelling of the treat - what all ingredients are used, source of ingredients, calorie content, key features and the nutritional value. On an average, keep dog treats to less than 10 percent of your dog’s caloric daily intake. 

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Happy Wagging & Healthy Barks! 🐾

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