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Chicken Organ Mix (Liver, Gizzard), 500 g, Frozen & Pre-cut

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Frozen chunks of chicken liver & gizzard in 2 cut options for easy everyday feeding.

Chicken organ meat helps overcome anemia and aids in cellular function in pets - hygienically cleaned & vacuum sealed in 250 grams x 2 packets.

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Key Features

Healthy Barks Chicken Liver and Gizzards are:

Rich in Vitamin A: promotes good eyesight, skin & thyroid health.

Rich in Vitamin B12 & iron - helps overcome anemia and aids cellular function.

100% hormone/antibiotic-free meat sourced from local farms.

Rich in Vitamin D: helps in calcium absorption, for healthier bones & growth.

Hygienically cut & Fat trimmed for recommended low-fat diet for your pets.

Pre-portioned as per breed size for an easy no touch experience


Chicken Gizzard is a cut from the muscular tissues surrounding the digestive tract of the bird, with a firm texture and gamy flavor. It is thoroughly cleaned for a smooth texture and flavor. A serving of chicken gizzards contains a hefty dose of protein, a nutrient necessary for energy production.

The organ meats are cut into small pieces and vacuum sealed in frozen packs, making it easy for you to cook without any touch.

Every 250g pack contains 71g chicken liver and 178g gizzard.

Nutritional Info

Meat Sourcing & Kitchen

We source our meat from naturally bred chickens, to ensure hormone and antibiotic-free meat products. Each bird is carefully checked and certified for Human consumption before cutting, to ensure quality meat.

The meat is processed in our FSSAI-approved human-grade kitchens. After hygenic cutting and washing, it is chilled between 0-7 degrees celsius and frozen in pre-portioned packs at -18 degrees celsius or below to keep it fresh and lock all the nutrients.

Delivery & Storage

You can choose the delivery date during checkout. All orders placed before 5 PM are eligible for next-day deliveries, and the exact time slot for delivery will be communicated via WhatsApp 12 hours before delivery.

We do temperature-controlled deliveries for food safety and recommend someone is present at the time of delivery to accept the order and move the contents to the freezer.

Feeding Guide

Step 1: Move the packets from the freezer to the refrigerator for thawing: 12 hours before cooking. Once thawed, the meat will stay fresh for up to 48 hours if kept in the refrigerator (4*C temperature).

Step 2: You can use the frozen meat packs directly for cooking if you skipped the first step.

Step 3: If you have some meat remaining after cooking your dog's meals, you can put it back in the pack and store it in the freezer. This meat should ideally be consumed within the next 48 hours.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Avijan Mazumdar
Super easy to cook

I have Bruno from past 5 years and I have been cooking for him chicken and everything but this RAW meet is a life saver.
It has saved a lot of time on daily basis that I can't stop thinking healthy barks for it.
It's so easy to cook. It's so easy to store plus does not cause any mess in the kitchen.

My pet is loving it plus I love the convenience.
I would totally recommend to all the pet parents out there, do give it a try.

Clean organ meat

I was not sure how this would turn out, but i got the organs in perfect packs. Ready to Feed!
The organs were frozen and cleaned, and it cheaper than the other places. It's perfect for me and my dog. Great thing!

Nice and clean

Got the packets yesterday, have been looking for them for quite a while now. I must say haven't seen such nicely packed and cleaned organs. Thought to give it a try. There was no smell, just added the frozen ones directly to the cooking pan. Much better than buying from licious or fresh to home where these organs are hardly available. I'll continue to cook with these for a while and post another review after couple of weeks. Will try the chicken from here too. Seems cheaper comparatively. Hope they add buff and lamb too.

Feeding organs is so easy now!

I used to give organs to my dog for extra nutrition apart from meat, but it was too much cleaning and cutting. This product is sorted, it is frozen and all cleaned. I defrost, cook and feed it directly to my dog, as simple as that.
It's a good option, if you want to cook fast and without fuss!


Can I feed my Dog Chicken liver and gizzard?

Yes, dogs can safely consume Chicken Liver and Chicken Gizzard. In fact, dogs require organ meat nutritionally on a daily basis.

Where can I get 100% antibiotic chicken organ meat in Bangalore?

At Healthybarks, we provide 100% natural, ethically sourced, chicken meat which is frozen and packed in portioned packs for a hassle-free cooking experience.

Can I feed my dog raw Chicken liver and Chicken Gizzard?

Yes, dogs can digest raw chicken liver and gizzards, if they have been having it. Raw chicken organ meat is packed with many essential nutrients and is a great supplement in your dog's regular diet.

Why should I feed Chicken liver to my dog/cat?

The Chicken Liver contains selenium, a mineral that helps to prevent and manage cardiovascular conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and high cholesterol.

Is it safe to buy frozen chicken organ meat online?

Frozen chicken organ meat is completely safe to consume for your dogs. Buy 100% natural, frozen chicken meat and organ meat.

Where can I buy frozen meat online in Bangalore?

Healthybarks provides frozen chicken and organ meat, completely human-grade, with a longer shelf life.

How to cook chicken liver and gizzards?

Bring water to boil. Add chicken liver or gizzards to boiling water and cook for 20 -25 minutes.

How long the chicken organ meat stays fresh?

Healthybarks Frozen Chicken breast stays fresh for a month when stored properly in the freezer.

Can cooked chicken liver and gizzards be frozen for later use?

Yes, you can freeze cooked liver and gizzards at -18 degrees safely for up to a month.

Which breeds can eat chicken liver and chicken gizzards?

All dog breeds of all ages must eat chicken liver and gizzards for daily nutrition. Please consult your vet or reach out to us if your dog has any underlying issues.

How much chicken liver and gizzards should I feed my dog?

Refer to the feeding guide, mentioned above to know the exact quantity.