Why community?



I’ve been with this community for more than a year. They put out informational content and also the best memes. They put out stories and there is so much to learn from those stories.



Buddies has been a great help to me, as a new pet parent, there’s a lot I needed to learn to make my baby's life better. The experienced parents from the community guided me and now I am a more confident paw mom.

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From savouring the special moments to answering your big questions, we do all of it. Learn from buddies to take the best care of your pet everyday.

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We’ve created structured programs by our experts for your companion to be the extra they want to be.

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We organize meet up’s for pet parents for sharing parenting tips, furry stories and have fun together.


Get answers to all of your questions from our Experts. Let buddies help you with your buddy.

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We believe our pets deserve the best care, and we don't just provide the best food, we help you take care of your pup.
We’ve been at the start and now we want to help!

Everything else you need to know about TheBuddies

Yes, it is completely free and full of fun. Join us!

Buddies is your new pet family, it helps you train them, gain knowledge and have a ton of fun.

We come with two sides - giving knowlegde for training, health, diet and secondly we're about fun and lifestyle.

From a smallest concern to the biggest problem, we would be there for pet parents in every turn of their lives.