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Healthy Puppy Growth Better fur quality

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Fussy Eater

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Introducing three unique programs for comprehensive coverage across all life stages and clinical care of your pets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about us

At the present moment no. All our recipes contain non-vegetarian ingredients.

Yes. However this drastically affects the shelf life of the product. If being used for a long period of time we recommend the product is stored in the freezer.

Yes, we do have breed specific recipes. We take inputs from pet parents to come up with a diet plan specific to their pet. For more details please reach out to us.

All our recipes are formulated with the help of our in-house canine nutritionist.

Please refer link for more details or watch the video.

If stored in the freezer, the product is good for upto a month. If the product is refrigerated, it can stay for 48 hours. If the product is kept outside, it is good for around 6 hours.