Single Ingredient

Easily Digestible

Gluten Free

Zero Additives

Scared to try ? Relax, we got you covered

All our homemade dog treats are prepared by hand in our own FSSAI kitchen in Bengaluru, using only the finest restaurant-quality ingredients.

We are motivated to serve you better

Don’t believe us? Listen to our happy pet parents

“...Now he directs me to his bowl whenever he feels hungry...”


Fussy Eater

“...she has never skipped a meal, has barely fallen sick ...”


Better Health

“Customised nutrition for pets. Extremely high bar on quality.”


Healthy Puppy Growth Better fur quality

“...very easy for us to maintain a balanced diet ...”


Weightloss Better fur quality

“Effective, tasty for the pets and nutritious.”


Fussy Eater Better fur quality

“Where taste and nutrition meets for my pet.”


Fussy Eater

“...improvement in his coat’s shine, within 2 weeks of ...”


Healthy Puppy Growth Better fur quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything else you need to know about Healthy Barks

At the present moment no. All our recipes contain non-vegetarian ingredients.

All treats are made from highest quality hand picked fresh meat. These are locally sourced from the farms around Bengaluru, India. All the meat is antibiotic and hormone free. No chemicals, preservatives, fillers, or color are added during the process. You get exactly what you see.

Our treats are ideal and safe for all dog breeds.

Always introduce new treats in a small amount to avoid any indigestion issues. Restrict to 4-8 pieces a day.

The shelf life of treats are 3 months in sealed condition. After opening, it is recommended to consume within 15 days. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep the pack properly sealed at all times. Recommended to refrigerate after opening in high humidity weather.

If stored in the freezer, the product is good for up to a month. If the product is refrigerated, it can stay for 48 hours. If the product is kept outside, it is good for around 6 hours.

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