How it works?

Healthy Barks subscription is the simplest way to ensure an enjoyable meal time with no compromise on health.

Starter Box pricing

We design a three-meal box based on your dog's profile to get you started. To test the meal, you may also purchase Retail Trial Meals.

Small(Till 15kg)






Giant(Over 40kg)


The prices listed above are for healthy dogs. Prices vary according to age, breed, weight, eating habits, and so on.

Please contact our pet experts if you have any unique health concerns.

Hassle-free Experience

Simple, hassle free and a delightful feeding experience

Pre-Portioned Packaging

Pre-portioned meals, vacuum packed to preserve freshness

Easy Storage

Food packets can be stored in the freezer. Transfer frozen packs to fridge 12 hours before serving


Wanna see magic? Just heat the meal and see the bowl getting clean in no time

Delivered Weekly

Meal box is delivered at doorstep every week

Don’t just believe us, listen to our happy pet parents

“...Now he directs me to his bowl whenever he feels hungry...”


Fussy Eater

“...she has never skipped a meal, has barely fallen sick ...”


Better Healthy Puppy Growth Better fur quality

“Customised nutrition for pets. Extremely high bar on quality.”


Healthy Puppy Growth Better fur quality

“...very easy for us to maintain a balanced diet ...”


Weightloss Better fur quality

“Effective, tasty for the pets and nutritious.”


Fussy Eater Weightloss

“...improvement in his coat’s shine, within 2 weeks of ...”


Healthy Puppy Growth Better fur quality

“Where taste and nutrition meets for my pet.”


Fussy Eater

Get started with Custom Meal

Fill up your details, our experts will connect within 48 hours. You can also connect via WhatsApp, call or set an appointment.

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