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How to feed?

Introducing Healthy Barks to your pooch

Good things take time. Gradually move your pup completely to Healthy Barks over 7 days for smooth transition.

Day 1-2

25% Healthy Barks
75% Old Food

Day 3-4

50% Healthy Barks
50% Old Food

Day 5-6

75% Healthy Barks
25% Old Food

Day 7 and forever

100% Healthy Barks

Healthy Barks
Old Food

Our meals are easy to feed. Keeping your pooch healthy doesn't require hours of cooking anymore.


At the moment, no. All our recipes contain non-vegetarian ingredients.

All our recipes are formulated by our in-house canine nutritionist in consultation with our vet partners from the US.

Yes, for 2 days. For longer periods, please store in freezer.

Yes! Our breed specific diets are in the beta phase and we're providing access to pet parents upon request.

If stored in the freezer, frozen dog food stays good for upto a month. If kept in fridge, it can stay for 48 hours. If kept outside, the food is good for around 6 hours after defrosting.

Please refer to the above video for more details.

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