What makes us unique?

Home-cooked meals are fresh but miss meaty ingredients that dogs love. Our boosters top your pup's meals with essential nutrition.

Your doggo is your baby, and we get it!

That's why our boosters pack a punch of nutrition with a meaty taste.

Make your home-cooked meals incredibly healthier and tastier.

The best of taking care of your doggo at home. Period!

More than Benefits

Meal Time

Better Growth &
Stronger Bones

Reduced vet

Shinnier Coat & Better Digestibility

How it works?

For us, Quality is everything

Our booster completes the meal and is 100% natural. It’s formulated by our nutritionist with high quality ingredients

We got something for everyone

Chicken Chunks in Gravy

Who’s this for?

Dogs having a veg based diet or parents not able to cook meat

What does this do?

Completes the veg based diet with nutrition

• Add tastes to vanilla home cooked recipes
• Increases texture in home cooked meal

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Liver Chunks in Gravy

Who’s this for?

Dogs having a meat based diet or kibble.

Why add to a meat based diet?

Completes the meals - for 100% nutrition

• For taste in kibble based diet.
• Great for the fussy eaters

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What goes in ?

50+ recipes developed by qualified nutritionists, covering all life stages, eating habits, and, if needed, clinical help.

Don’t believe us? Listen to our happy pet parents –

“...Now he directs me to his bowl whenever he feels hungry...”


Fussy Eater

“...she has never skipped a meal, has barely fallen sick ...”


Better Health

“Customised nutrition for pets. Extremely high bar on quality.”


Healthy Puppy Growth Better fur quality

“...very easy for us to maintain a balanced diet ...”


Weightloss Better fur quality

“Effective, tasty for the pets and nutritious.”


Fussy Eater Better fur quality

“...improvement in his coat’s shine, within 2 weeks of ...”


Healthy Puppy Growth Better fur quality

“Where taste and nutrition meets for my pet.”


Fussy Eater

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s not a complete meal.
It is designed to complement the existing home-cooked food.

You only have to add rice and veggies to the booster, mix it, and feed.
For more queries, please reach out to us.

Please refer to the video for detailed feeding instructions.

The quantity would be calculated as per your pet’s nutritional needs after a consultation with our experts.
You can contact us at 7676720200

As of now, we only have a chicken option.
We are working on rolling out more variety soon.