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3/5 Indian parents cook for their pets daily. Learn how we are making the process more convenient, hygienic and affordable.

Thanks Fur the memories

Coffee's wagging tail !

Nidhi, Mother of Coffee
Fussy eater

Coffee is my 2-year-old beagle, I got him in 2020, & he is a big fussy eater. I always have to try different combinations to make him eat. With the launch of Healthy Barks meat, my work has become so easy. Now I don’t have to wash and cut it, just thaw, open the pack, cook, and serve. Even the price point of this is also very convenient, and I love this because of the size chunks and packing.

How it works?

Frequently Asked Questions

The packets will stay fresh for upto 1 month when unopened and stored in freezer (-10* C).Once opened, the packets will stay fresh upto 3 days in refrigerator (4* C) and upto 12 hours at room temperature.

All HB products are 100% natural and free from any form of artifical preservatives. We freeze meat for ensuring safety & nutrition retention for longer time period (1 month if frozen vs 3 days if fresh).We will cutting edge blast freezing technology for freezing meat & temperature insulated delivery boxes which locks in freshness and ensures that meat is as good as fresh on thawing.

We source meat from local suppliers and farms near Bengaluru for ensuring freshness and quality. All suppliers have FSSC (food safety certification) and daily batches go through 28 quality checks before being consumed in our FSSAI certified kitchen.

You can choose your meat products here (URL embedded link for Raw meat essential collection page) and check delivery at your PIN code. If eligible (currently delivering to select PIN codes in Bengaluru), you can choose your day of delivery (earliest is next day). We recommend to choose a day where someone is physically present to take over the package as the meat content should be moved to freezer within 1 hour.

You can refer to our video for cooking instructions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJHtiU3SFKA

Please note that this is not the exact recipe but instead are guidelines on cooking practices. If you need help with recipe, please connect with your canine expert team via Whatsapp.