Learn how pet parents' lives have changed 

Penny's remarkable weight loss

See how Healthy Barks helped Shwetha’s pup Penny (who was overweight) in losing weight and improving her overall health.

Fussy eater to foodie Pablo

Hear from Naveen how he overcame Pablo's fussiness and turned him into a foodie with the help of Healthy Barks meal.

Kramer’s journey from puppy to adult

See how Amolika, a first-time puppy parent, successfully raises Kramer from a pup to a healthy adult by providing him the right diet.

Ghost regained his shiny fur coat

Listen how Namrata's decision to change Ghost’s diet results in healthier and shinier fur coat.

Zara achieved her ideal weight

See how the nutrient-rich diet provided by Healthy Barks helped Zara, who was underweight, attain her ideal weight.

..and many more..

“...Now he directs me to his bowl whenever he feels hungry...”


Fussy Eater

“...she has never skipped a meal, has barely fallen sick ...”


Better Health

“Customized nutrition for pets. Extremely high bar on quality.”


Healthy Puppy Growth Better fur quality

“...improvement in his coat’s shine, within 2 weeks of ...”


Healthy Puppy Growth Better fur quality

“Where taste and nutrition meets for my pet.”


Fussy Eater

Over 30,000 Fresh and balanced meals served in Bengaluru