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Adult Buff and Mackerel Recipe: Classic All-in-one

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Your dogs are bound to fall in love with this buffalo and mackerel-based recipe.

Low in cholesterol, nutritionally balanced & an excellent source of natural vitamins and minerals. It is ideal for all life stages and for all breeds.

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      Key Features

      Zero preservatives, colors, taste enhancers, or synthetic supplements.

      Mackerel: as the EFA (essential Fatty acids, Omega 3 & 6) source.

      Diverse nutrition sources: Multiple sources of meats for superior taste and nutrition.

      Zero gluten: a high protein recipe for joint support.

      High bioavailability: All ingredients are sourced fresh, cooked slowly and frozen instantly

      Fussy eaters approved


      Healthybarks fresh meal recipes are packed & pre-portioned for easy feeding and snout licking experience. This fresh dog food recipe consists of Buffalo as the primary protein source and mackerel as the EFA (essential Fatty acids, Omega 3 & 6) source. It is formulated by clinical nutritionists with a specific focus on achieving muscle growth, skin health, and joint support.

      This fresh dog food recipe is high in zinc and iron, making it ideal for growing puppies and adults.

      All of our fresh meals are formulated by clinical nutritionists & prepared in human-grade FSSAI-approved kitchens, using ingredients that are freshly selected and frozen instantly to lock in the freshness. We use human-quality meat and vegetables, gently cooked to create simple, tasty, and complete meals.

      Food so real, your dog won't stop eating.

      Ingredients & Nutritional Info

      Fresh boneless buffalo, Buffalo liver, Chicken feet paste, Fresh mackerel, Brown rice, Pumpkin, Sweet potato, Beetroot, Cucumber, Cabbage, Green beans, Spinach, Carrot, Virgin sunflower oil, Cranberries, Pineapple, Proprietary oils and seed mixes

      Meat Sourcing & Kitchen

      We source our meat from naturally bred chickens, to ensure hormone and antibiotic-free meat products. Each bird is carefully checked and certified for Human consumption before cutting, to ensure quality meat.

      The meat is processed in our FSSAI-approved human-grade kitchens. After hygienic cutting and washing, it is chilled between 0-7 degrees celsius and frozen in pre-portioned packs at -18 degrees celsius or below to keep it fresh and lock all the nutrients.

      Delivery & Storage

      The meal packs will be delivered to you after 2 days of placing the order.

      Feeding Guide

      Step 1: Thaw the meal packs (move from the freezer to the refrigerator)12 hours before feeding. Take the meal packet out 30 minutes before feeding. After the food is at room temperature, you can serve it to your dog.

      Step 2: If you forget to thaw the meal packs, put the meal packs in hot water for 30 minutes.n You can feed your dogs after the packs normalize at room temperature.

      Always use a transition to change your dog's diet. Follow these steps while introducing us to your puppy.

      Day 1-2: 25% Healthy barks meal & 75% old food.

      Day 3-4: 50% Healthy barks meal & 50% old food.

      Day 5-6: 75% Healthy barks meal & 25% old food.

      Day 7 & forever: 100% Healthy barks meal.


      Customer Reviews

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      Vikas Singh
      Excellent product

      My dog loves these treats too much. He is actually addicted to this product. Loved it!

      Pritam daas
      acha khana

      mere dog ko bahut acha laga ye. umeed hai app ye service jari rakhenge