Adult Mutton and Mackerel Recipe: Classic All-in-one

For the energetic and athletic ones, our mutton and mackerel based recipe is a great addition to the weekly diet.
  • Great for muscle build, joint support
  • Nutritionally balanced, clinically formulated
  • All Natural | Locally sourced ingredients | ZERO Additives
  • Ideal for all life stages and for all breeds

Pack weight by breed size: Small (100 gm), Medium (200 gm), Large (350 gm), Giant (450 gm)

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    • Mutton and Mackerel recipe is formulated by clinical nutritionists with specific focus on achieving and maintaining ideal coat, growth, weight and activity level for all breed sizes.

      This all-natural red meat recipe contains boneless mutton as the primary protein source and mackerel as the EFA (essential Fatty acids, Omega 3 & 6) source. Our recipe is high in iron and potassium, making it ideal for growing puppies and adults.

      All ingredients are prepared fresh and frozen instantly to lock the freshness. All Healthy Barks products are manufactured in a human grade facility (FSSAI).

      Food so real, your dog won't stop eating.

    • All natural | ZERO additives

      Fussy eaters approved

      Diverse nutrition sources: Multiple sources of meats for superior taste and nutrition

      High bioavailability: All ingredients are sourced fresh, cooked slowly and frozen instantly

      Zero gluten, high protein, joint support

    • Fresh boneless mutton (goat meat), Goat liver, Chicken feet paste, Fresh mackerel, Brown rice, Pumpkin, Sweet potato, Beetroot, Cucumber, Cabbage, Green beans, Spinach, Carrot, Virgin sunflower oil, Cranberries, Pineapple, Proprietary oils and seed mixes

    • Store all frozen packs in the freezer. Food packs will remain fresh for 1 month, when kept frozen.

      Keep in fridge 12 hours before serving.

      Any unused food can be stored in the fridge for 2 days after opening the packs.

    • Keep the packaging out of reach from pets and kids.

      The food packaging is not microwave - safe. Please transfer the contents to appropriate containers before usage.

      Discard pack, if puffed.

      Dogs with serious health issues, kindly reach out to us at 7676720200.

    • Frozen food packs will be delivered 2 days after placing the order.